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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Stitch

Woven B.V. pushes the envelope of providng textile manufacturing services with a focus on sustainability. We keep it simple, transparent and  reliable.

We work with designers to create the future, we work with socially aware organizations to support small scale productions, we believe not only fashion but professional clothing can also make use of sustainable production and to survive we work with traditional initiatives as well.  

Our team of talented workers is our true asset to ensure the quality of our products. We are highly dedicated to offer timely delivery.

We believe its important to share the story of each product with the end consumer, therefore we  tend to  showcase the process of production  both to create a transparent partnership and to give the credit where its due. 

Our Story

Our Vision

We believe that change occurs incrementally, with a humble start and a firm belief in continuous progress the overall impact is substantial. We observe a certain gap of communication and expectations between the European market and manufacturing services from the east. 
Our vision is to bridge this gap. 
Our vision is a world where a more culturally fluid and fresh approach on designs are supported by woven. 
Where local designers and local producers get to show case their stories.

We incentivize partnering manufacturers with fair compensation towards the working hands. Moreover considering our social responsibility we prevent child labor as well as minimizing the amount of chemicals we use during the dying and washing of the clothing.
Our goal is to provide high quality, customizable clothing to businesses and fashion designers while having a positive impact on the world.

Our Team

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